I quit Facebook!

by cubiclejot on May 13, 2011

Got away from the cube and enjoying a little alone time out on the lake. Caught a trout on the first cast so I think it’s going to be good fishing and if not it’ll still be nice. The suns out, the birds are chirping and most importantly I’m not working. Now sitting here waiting for the fish to bite I realize that instead of soaking in this moment and relaxing, I’m tapping away on this iphone, drafting up this blog to explain to you all how relaxing this is. Siet, something is wrong here! Do we really have to Facebook or share every moment we have. Do we really believe people are that interested in hearing about our life. I’m going to put the phone down now. Remember it’s Friday, the day that comes after Thursday. I challenge everyone to put aside anything that is internet related including Facebook for one day. Wake up and smell the padek, let’s relax and remember to enjoy the moment.

live LAO’d,


Kung Fooled!

by cubiclejot on May 7, 2011


Andy South or CubicleJOT

by cubiclejot on April 6, 2011

Who’s style do you like better: Andy South with hair and makeup wearing, I’m assuming hand made, self designed black low V-Neck, accompanied by a large group of adoring fans and beautiful models or CubicleJOT rockin a black Mr. Rogers cardigan with hand made accessory known as a mojito, $10 haircut (including tip) accompanied by a group of obnoxious thirsty Lao friends with receding hairlines?

Fashion for the Arts, South by Andy South was a great event all around.  Beautiful clothes, beautiful people and all proceeds going to the Lao Heritage Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity with the mission to preserve and promote Lao culture.  Kudos to the event organizers who dedicate so much of their time for this event but also throughout the year to keep the Lao Dance and Music programs running for the kids.


Up In the Air with Danny S. – Flight 1834

by cubiclejot on March 26, 2011

Flight 1834 2:42PM EST

Another glorious day for flying, I find myself somewhere over the Midwest at the moment. One may think that because I’m on the road so much for work, that I would want to stay home and relax for my vacations and holiday. The answer? Hell mutha’fuck’n no!  Though I love my home in the Pacific Northwest, there’s still so much to see, do and eat in this lifetime.  Every couple of years I try to do one big trip.  A couple of years ago my destination was to Peru and Chile.  Peru primarily to see, live and breathe the mystere of Macchu Picchu and Chile to pretty much eat, drink (lots) and snowboard J.  If you ever get the chance to see one place before the wheels fall off in this so called life, I recommend that one place to be Macchu Picchu, see below. 

So is it’s about that time again, time for a big trip!  This time, I’m taking it back to the roots. I think “who you are” can be defined and traced back to where you came from (if you don’t you must not have  a brain).  So here I am, two weeks away and counting down to a backpacking excursion through Southeast Asia to visit Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Hong Kong.  Ok… maybe embellished a little, I’ll be in hotels and not shooting tents or anything, but I’ll still only have one backpack for the entire trip, so TECHNICALLY I’m still “backpacking”… right?

This won’t be my first time back to the motherland.  My first time was about 10 years ago, the country was so fresh and foreign to me.  That was one of the first place I’ve been where 99% of people where not white!  Add in the lack of infrastructure, conveniences and poverty at every turn of the head, and well to say the least, culture shock!  This time though… this will be a different.  There will be no hesitation to explore all, eat all, just experience all.  I’m sure the country has changed a bit over the years and become more of tourist hot bed, which isn’t a bad thing.  But at the same time, I still kind of like the idea of Laos being a bit unknown and mysterious.  I’ll be really looking forward to see how the country has development.  I’d also like to think that I’m a little older/wiser and would think I’ll appreciate the little things a bit more.  The little things such as playing with my little cousins and spending some time my grandparents while they’re still here. 

So stay tuned and come back for some updates and stills! And what’s with this goddamn turbulence?!?


Fashion for the Arts: South by Andy South

by cubiclejot on March 20, 2011

I will be attending Fashion for the Arts, benefit fashion show and cocktail party. The Fashion show will showcase the designs of Project Runway star and finalist, Andy South. If you haven’t decided what to do on April 1st, this is where you need to be. Proceeds will go to the Lao Heritage Foundation, a public charity with the mission to preserve and promote Lao culture through  dance and music program.




Leap Benefit Auction and Concert!

by cubiclejot on March 20, 2011

LiveGlocal is holding a Benefit Auction and Concert to fund the Laos Educational Advancement Project (LEAP). The event will be held on Thursday the 24th at the Pnk Ultra Lounge. Live music, raffle prizes, good food, fun and most importantly the funds will be going to a good cause.

The liveGLOCAL Foundation is a non-profit organization bringing educational opportunity to children in underprivileged nations. Founded on the belief that every child deserves educational opportunity, Seattle-based non-profit, the liveGLOCAL Foundation, is launching LEAP: The Laos Education Advancement Project. All donations directly fund sustainable development projects in Laotian schools and communities of greatest need. Just $1 will give one child their first book; $30 gives one child the opportunity to attend school for an entire year.

600 Pine St. Seattle, WA 98101 (4th Floor of Pacific Place)
pnk Restaurant & Ultralounge Website

time:: Thursday, March 24, 2011 // 6:00pm – 11:00pm
ALL AGES: 6:00pm – 9:00pm // 21 & OVER: 9:00 – Close

food:: Please enjoy food from pnk! Dinner not included in ticket price // Menu here

enjoy:: Gentlemen Buckhunters – live band (bluegrass music) // DJ Johnny Fever

bid on:: Silent Auction Items 6:00pm – 9:30pm

Raffle:: 6:00pm – 9:30pm
Vacation packages, winter sports gear, golf course packages, etc

tickets:: $30.00 (suggested donation) Pay with PayPal (above), check, or at the door.
If you want to pay at the door PLEASE STILL REGISTER to secure your spot!
$30 gives one child the opportunity to attend school for one year through LEAP.



Banana-2 Conference Completed.

by cubiclejot on March 7, 2011


I was able to get out of the comforts of my cube and participated in the 2nd annual APIA Banana Bloggers Conference this last Saturday. My day and experience at the conference transpired the same way the LA weather did that day. There was rain, sleet, and sunshine symbolizing my feelings of excitement, panic and relief.

I have given many presentations at school and work, but have never done so in a setting like Banana. The group consisted of talented bloggers, writers and media professionals who collectively have published work that make up a decent section of our libraries. This includes co-organizer and mastermind behind the event, Lac Su, author of “I love Yous Are for White People.”

I have never been so neurotic and in a panic preparing myself for the 3:00PM panel in which I would participate titled, “Niche – Communities”. The conference started at 9:00AM, giving me 6 hours to psych myself into a nervous wreck. Luckily I was not alone and had support and encouragement from my signifacant other. I am proud to report that I did get through the event without passing out on stage. The event was a great experience all around. I met a lot of interesting and exciting professionals who are really making a difference in our Asian American Communities. The Banana-2 conference and the participants at the event have inspired and re-energized me to continue promoting the Lao American Identity through this blog. Our Lao American experience and perspective has a place in the broader Asian American Identity, we just need to fill that space. Let’s speak up and live LAO’d.

Kudos to the folks on my panel. Below is a nice little blurb from Politics Talaga who re-capped the event.

“The panel on niche communities was surprisingly the most entertaining and generated the most interest. They got a good array of character from: Blasian Bytch, Live LAO’d, Rice Daddies and Burnt Lumpia. The moderator from Bicoastal Bitchin deserves big credit for being succinct, on point, and quick witted.”

Attached are links to sights with a true recap of the Banana-2 conference, unlike my emotional chattering here.


live LAO’d,


I want to be a Smith – Lao Names

by cubiclejot on February 24, 2011

Field behind my house

The snow came floating down and I cheered. The snow resulted in the office closing, saving me from a stressful day in the office cube. Although I only worked 2 days this whole week man it felt long. At work I am currently working on correcting 30+ items within our financial system and each time I make a correction I am required to call the help desk. This means I have to say and spell my name. My last name is 13 characters long and contains letters V,P,C and T. Letters that can easily be heard incorrectly and results with me repeating and spelling my name over and over again. Sometimes I wish my name could be as simple as Smith, Jones or Adams. With extra time on my hands today I decided to research where my Lao name came from. This is what I found and now I don’t want to be a Smith anymore. My name may be long but is unique and has meaning. The beginning of my last name, ‘Vora” means superb or excellent! 

Source: Wikipedia
The French Colonial government mandated the introduction of surnames in Laos in 1943, beginning first with the royalty and the élite before becoming a common practice among the other classes. To this day, among isolated ethnic groups and remote rural villages, it is still possible to find individuals who do not possess a surname.

Both first and surname are a mixture of Pali or Sanskrit and Lao words. The wording comes from variety of influences, such as nature, animals, and royal titles. Lao names are generally made up of 2 or 3 words, but when translated into English span nearly 10-15 letters.


Banana-2 APIA Bloggers Conference

by cubiclejot on February 14, 2011


Booked my flight to LA!!  I’m very excited to be a part of the Banana-2 conference happening on February 26. The conference will bring together Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) bloggers covering everything from fashion, erotica, food, parenting, entertainment and even on living Lao’d. Thats right livelaod.com and CubicleJOT will be a part of a panel titled “Fixated”.

Event Website: www.banana-2.com
Fixated: Topic-specific Blogging
Creator: Lac Su
Moderator: Cynthia Brothers (of Bicoastal Bitchin’)
Panelists: N’jaila Rhee (of Blasian Bytch), Jot Voraphaychith (of live LAOd), Jason Sperber (of Rice Daddies), Marvin Gapultos (Burnt Lumpia)

While some bloggers will cover Asian Americana from A to Z, others choose to concentrate on a particular niche, interest, or theme. From food to fatherhood, erotica to living Lao’d, many Asian American bloggers are converging online around targeted topics. How does the blogosphere build community around a distinct yet shared passion or issue? Do bloggers feel compelled to highlight or de-emphasize their “Asian American experience”? How do bloggers stand out when writing about a popular subject, such as food or parenting? This panel will explore these questions, as well as how bloggers’ identities – ethnic and otherwise — may or may not intersect with and influence their perspectives on specific topics.

live LAO’d


Louie Gong’s Custom Shoes for the Lunar New Year

by cubiclejot on February 3, 2011

How would you like to hop around in a pair of these in the lunar new year?  Louie Gong does it again with this beautiful custom shoe created in celebration of the year of the rabbit. 

Louie Gong is a custom shoe artist and activist whose art explores themes of racial identity.  His work has been featured in numerous media, including the 2010 Winter Olympics and a documentary film called “UNRESERVED: the work of Louie Gong,” which was selected to Festival de Cannes earlier this year. 

If you’re interested in seeing more of Louie’s work check him out on the links below.

live LAO’d,