I gots a new cube!

by cubiclejot on March 19, 2010

New Job, New Cubicle, New Office building. Exciting right? First day starts like this.

Coworker:”is your name Thai?
CubicleJot: “Nope, I’m Lao”.
Coworker :”Where is Laos?”
CubicleJot: “Laos is next to Thailand”
Coworker: “how do you pronounce your name?”
CubicleJot: “My name is K!!!!!&!@ne Vorlkakjlkajdjkjkakjf#$#$$$”
Coworker: “What is your last name again”
CubicleJot: “Sigh Vorlkakjlkajdjkjkakjf#$#$$$”
Coworker: “Your name like almost has the whole alphabet,”
CubicleJot: “Yes, it’s long”
Coworker: for another 5 minutes repeating, “Vorlkakjlkajdjkjkakjf#$#$$$”
Coworker: “I’ll just call you K”

All you Lao folk know how it goes. I end up repeating myself like a thousand times during every introduction and at every meeting for the whole week. The worse part is that after they have butchered my name they all come to a conclusion that they’ll just give me a nickname…Annoying!!!

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JJ August 26, 2010 at 7:14 pm

LOL. I love it, K. 😉


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