Blog Revisited – Jonny Olsen Entertaining Until It Wasn’t

by cubiclejot on February 25, 2010

I am revisiting the blog titled, “Jonny Olsen Entertaining Until It Wasn’t!” Last week I noticed a lot of comments posted in response to this blog. Responses included some name-calling, even going as far as labeling as a racist. Although I don’t appreciate the name-calling, I welcome the comments. Like we say here at, “Lets learn, love & live LAOd!” so part of living LAOd is voicing your opinion without sugar coating what you really want to say. I do not expect everyone to agree with all that I say here, in fact I hope to hear different opinions. I think only through dialogue can we expect to learn from one another. However what I discovered from these recent comments is that they were posted from the same people posing under different aliases. One person even went as far as posing as a Farang (White Man) living in Thailand in one post and then within another post posing as a Lao Women with broken English. How messed up is that? This is where I draw the line and need to call some folks out. Remember I run so this means that I am the blogger as well as the administrator. I have access to analytics that reveal IP Addresses, so even though you create a different alias your posts will have the same IP Address…. oops, you’ve been caught red handed “buddy”! So for the person posing as the following: (Anonymous, Fan of Jonny, LiveLaod is a Racist, Sao Dum Muk Farang, Farang in Thailand), if you want to comment please post one comment expressing what you feel and move on. Don’t try to sway others opinions by posting numerous comments under differnet aliases.

Also, below is the English translation of some of these fake aliases for those who don’t speak Lao.

Sao Dum Muk Farang – Dark Women likes White Person
Farang in Thailand – White Person in Thailand


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ah February 26, 2010 at 11:59 pm

are all white ppl french?

cubiclejot February 27, 2010 at 1:25 am

Not all white people are French obviously, but for Lao folk living in Laos the term Farang is used to refer to foreigners of European decent, commonly white people.

rice February 27, 2010 at 9:06 am

ewww. i wish you hadn’t brought this up again because jonny olsen gives me the heeby jeebees. im glad you called him out way back when…and now these folks dropping false comments. obviously, you hit a nerve.

RiceCooker March 1, 2010 at 1:22 am

I agree. Yes, Johnny is good but who is he trying to kid. It’s like comparing white guys and black guys. White man can’t jump.

Rice Cooker March 5, 2010 at 4:39 pm

So, the guy who logged on with 2 user name knows better now? Hehehe. It was probably Johnny himself. Poor guy can’t take criticism.

somsai March 19, 2010 at 3:51 pm

First I’ve gota say what a great blog you have here, I just stumbled on it. I’ve only begun to read, but will, look back through the whole thing.

For the negative comments I’d urge you to just ignore or even delete, it’s your blog and life is short, you’re going to have people leave nasty comments, it’s the internet.

For Johny O, I’d urge some tolerance. Things are different in Laos. There is no hesitancy to discuss skin color or describe someone as dam or kao, and no one gets offended. Part of Johny’s big attraction there is his ability to not only understand and blend with Lao culture but also his very obvious love of that same culture. Lao culture in 2010, the music people are listening to on thier MP3s, the vids they are singing to at Karaoke bars.

I’m waiting for other musicians, Lao musicians to also embrace the kaen in modern pop music, and Lum.

One time I had to wait for 3 days in a good sized town with no electricity, they mostly played amplified Morlum so all of the market could hear it using batteries. After the second day I realy began to like it a lot. Now I love the kaen

Gai April 17, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Gives you the hebee jeebees? Does that mean he gets you horny? Haha!!! I think Johnny is a funny ass white dude. He embraces our Lao culture and I thank him for that. I’m Lao and I can’t even sing Maulam or play the khaen.

khamsone November 9, 2011 at 7:37 am

All of you, including Blogger, if you are Lao, you know that a direct English translation of Lao words and phrases can end up to be strange even offensive interpretation in English or any other language other than Lao or Thai. “White Men Loves Black Skin Lady” – is not the actual meaning, the song refers to the dark and beautiful skin tones of Lao women which Lao men have been singing about for ages and if you literally translated many of our classic Lao songs – many people would surely be offended by the literal transaltion. Yes the dude is white, but he is talented, means well, is entertaining, having fun and most of the people in Laos seem to enjoy him – what’s the harm in that…? and being Lao myself – I get the lyrics, they’re cheesy and old-people humor, but certainly not harmful. Never met the dude, but the first time I saw the videos, I seriously cracked up! but I also apppreciated his fondness of our music and culture. BTW – on the accent thing…I used to travel growing up, if I was in Montreal for a few months, I’d come back to AZ with a French accent or worse, with Canadian slang and ended every sentence with ‘ey?’, when I came back from London, I had a British accent, although brief, it happens and it was funny – and when I speak English to the elders in my family, I unintentionally speak in broken English! No harm intended and I don’t think this Jonny Olsen means any harm either. I think what’s much worse than Jonny trying to be Lao is when our Lao youth (and other Asian youth) in the U.S. think they are or are trying to be black. Yikes. What’s up with that?

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