Lao Thanksgiving

by cubiclejot on November 30, 2009

Loosen your belt and eat!! A Lao Thanksgiving usually means every Aunt, Uncle, and close family friend that call themselves your Aunt and Uncle will require you to be over for dinner. My Lao Thanksgiving began on Thanksgiving day and ended three days later with lets seeā€¦. three turkeys, a hand picked pig from the farm (sorry Wilbur), egg rolls, stuffing, cakes, pies, larp, sticky rice and a few gallons of Hennessy consumed. Yes time to detox and hit the gym!

There is no holiday more aligned with Lao culture then Thanksgiving. Being able to gather with family and friends share sticky rice from the same rice holder and of course drink, tells stories, laugh and catch up. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family, friends and everything that I take for granted. I am even thankful for my cubicle!!



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