Last Episode of “King of the Hill”

by cubiclejot on September 13, 2009

Tonight was the last episode of the animated series “King of the Hill”. For 13 years King of the Hill and it’s wacky characters have been very entertaining emphasizing lots of issues and stereotypes using humor. For me I will miss tuning in to the show to see Kahn, full name according to the Wikipedia, Kohng Koy Kahn Souphanousinphone. (Kong Koy Kahn) LOL, don’t get it? Ask someone who speaks Lao. Kahns character was a voice for Lao people even if not at all times good. His character touched many issues and topics within the Lao community such as interracial dating, religion, Lao ceremonies, Lao associations, the american dream and raising Lao children in the US. Most important for me about Kahn’s character is that he is a head strong Lao man that believes in his superiority over his white counterparts. Kahn did things his way and stood his ground when talking to his neighbors and sometimes called them stupid when they were. Kahn lives LAOd! Attached is a snippet of one of my favorite Kahn moments.



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Jesse Adams September 19, 2009 at 1:18 am

Ha! forgot about that scene. Funny clip. I always wondered if someone on the show was from Laos.

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