Estelle’s Su-Kwan “Calling of the Souls” (blessing)

by cubiclejot on June 29, 2014

Another memorable and heart-warming experience as a new father. Over the weekend we held a Sukwan or “Calling of the Souls”, (Blessing Ceremony) for Estelle as she nears 9 months old. Instead of holding the event in Seattle, our current residence, we decided to hold the blessing in Kennewick, WA., the town I grew up in. This town is where the majority of my aunt’s, uncle’s and cousin’s reside along with all of my parents friends who watched me grow up, so it was the natural place to have a blessing for Estelle, allowing them the opportunity to meet her while also getting blessed by each one of them. During the ceremony each guest is allowed the opportunity to tie a piece a yarn around Estelle’s wrist while offering her their blessings and prayers of good fortune and health.

I’ve been to many Sukwan’s over the years and have always thought the ceremony to be a beautiful part of Lao culture in it’s significance and meaning as the ceremony is held for marriages, births, monkship etc., however I never completely immersed myself in the process until this one held for my daughter. I totally love the direct translation of the Su-Kwan, which is the “Calling of the Souls”, how cool is that! The way I understand it is that each person has 32 Kwan’s (Souls/Spirits) that reside within their body, taking care of your health and well being. At times these spirits however venture away from your body so this ceremony calls them all back to allow your body to once again be centered and in harmony.

I’ve attached a few links that explains in detail what a Su-Kwan ceremony is about and the significance of each aspect of the ceremony.


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