Banana-2 Conference Completed.

by cubiclejot on March 7, 2011


I was able to get out of the comforts of my cube and participated in the 2nd annual APIA Banana Bloggers Conference this last Saturday. My day and experience at the conference transpired the same way the LA weather did that day. There was rain, sleet, and sunshine symbolizing my feelings of excitement, panic and relief.

I have given many presentations at school and work, but have never done so in a setting like Banana. The group consisted of talented bloggers, writers and media professionals who collectively have published work that make up a decent section of our libraries. This includes co-organizer and mastermind behind the event, Lac Su, author of “I love Yous Are for White People.”

I have never been so neurotic and in a panic preparing myself for the 3:00PM panel in which I would participate titled, “Niche – Communities”. The conference started at 9:00AM, giving me 6 hours to psych myself into a nervous wreck. Luckily I was not alone and had support and encouragement from my signifacant other. I am proud to report that I did get through the event without passing out on stage. The event was a great experience all around. I met a lot of interesting and exciting professionals who are really making a difference in our Asian American Communities. The Banana-2 conference and the participants at the event have inspired and re-energized me to continue promoting the Lao American Identity through this blog. Our Lao American experience and perspective has a place in the broader Asian American Identity, we just need to fill that space. Let’s speak up and live LAO’d.

Kudos to the folks on my panel. Below is a nice little blurb from Politics Talaga who re-capped the event.

“The panel on niche communities was surprisingly the most entertaining and generated the most interest. They got a good array of character from: Blasian Bytch, Live LAO’d, Rice Daddies and Burnt Lumpia. The moderator from Bicoastal Bitchin deserves big credit for being succinct, on point, and quick witted.”

Attached are links to sights with a true recap of the Banana-2 conference, unlike my emotional chattering here.

live LAO’d,

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