Belated Happy New Year!!

by cubiclejot on January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!….a week later. Sorry guys for waiting so long to wish you all a “Happy New Year!” I hope this New Year has started out as you had planned and that the first week has gone by smoothly. I am a little upset my new year resolution of hitting the $300MM+ Mega Million jackpot didn’t come true, I can dream. Its been busy for me this week, but now that I have a little time I am reflecting back on the years past. When I started I was very excited to share my ideas and my experiences as a Lao American. I was excited to share and learn. My about page states, “Lets learn, love and live LAO’d!” I feel that anything you are passionate about in life you had to at one point go through that journey of learning, Loving and living. Take a girl for example you discover a beautiful girl so you find a way to get to know her,”Learn”. Soon you begin to realize you can’t go on with out this girl “Love” and finally you incorporate her into your life “live”. Wow, mooshy stuff right, but F’it, got a few glasses of wine in me. So now with all that said am I still, “Learning, Loving and Living LAO’d? In my cubicle at work today I was thinking, what direction am I going with this blog? Do I need to get out of this cube? Do I need to become more Gangsta. What to do, what to do? After sitting there for a long while I still don’t know. I guess since I don’t know I’m going to keep on moving. Although I didn’t have any regrets for last year I do want to make some changes for 2011. So here is my New Years Resolutions.

1. CubicleJot is coming out of the cube….Get out of my comfort zone.
2. Learn more. I need to get around to reading all the books that I bought such as Lao/Thai cookbooks….Just Kidding, I actually found a real Lao cookbook without the “/Thai.”
3. Share more, blog more often. I think I said this before the prior year so we’ll see on this one.
4. Give a facelift.

live LAO’d,

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