Andy South Finalist On Project Runway

by cubiclejot on October 27, 2010
















 I haven’t been following Project Runway this season but got a chance to watch the finale part 1 with the lady.  23yr old Lao American, Andy South revealed three pieces of his Laos inspired collection and earned a spot to showcase the whole collection during Fashion Week. During the episode Andy took Tim Gunn to his family farm at his hometown of Waianae, Hawaii. Revealing a little of himself, Andy explained he grew up different than most kids, having chores on the farm and helping his family who are first generation immigrants from Laos. While watching and listening to Andy talk about his family he said something that just struck a chord with me.

He said, “His largest supporter is his mother. Sometimes she leaves me breathless with the sacrifice she is willing to do for me. Every immigrant family dreams of a better life for their child and the toughest thing for me is to not let my mom not see that.”

Hearing Andy say that on national TV just made me feel so happy for him. He is fulfilling not only his dreams but his mom’s and his family’s dreams. Andy South definitely “in” and living LAO’d. I’m sure the rest of the Lao community will be rooting for him in the finale. Go Andy!


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khamsone November 9, 2011 at 7:41 am

Too cool for words. Wow.

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