Guest Blogger: Up In The Air With Danny S.

by cubiclejot on October 6, 2010

Danny enjoyed himself so much the last time he guest blogged here on that he wrote another blog for us while up in the air.

Flight 459 1:56PM

To the early 20 somethings out there, enjoy your youths and your body’s ability to withstand and recover from a heavy night of drinking. This is the second time in the last two weeks that I’ve put down a combination of beer, wine, whiskey, vodka, rum, gin and sake, in no particular order, and my body’s hating me for it. Though I’m only in the twilight of 20’s, the sauces affect is harder and recovery time seems to take longer each time. As I sit on this plane, sipping on a bloody mary with hopes that the newly introduced alcohol will subdue my hangover, I hate to say it, but shit, I’m starting to feel a little old.

On that note, it’s been one hell of a wedding season, and I’m not sure if I mean that entirely in a good way. With most of my friends and I being in our late 20’s/early 30’s it’s about that time of our lives where some of us decide to take the plunge with our boyfriends and girlfriends and tie the knot of matrimony. I love weddings just as much as the next guy, the friends, the family, food, alcohol, lots of alcohol, what’s not to like right? Wrong. I’ve had three (maybe four) weddings in this month alone! My god, I love my friends, but when you guys all got together to pick dates for your special day, a little consideration of spreading them out over a couple of months would be nice. But then again, if I were my friend’s shoes, going through the stresses of planning these things, I probably wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about what the hell I thought either.

This bridges to my one of my main gripes about weddings today, particularly “traditional” Laotian weddings in American society. What the hell is going on with these things? Is it to celebrate the union of love or a mere ploy to raise funds? I probably don’t have to go into details, if you’ve been to one of these things; you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. The lack of seating, food, etc. and you expect to receive an envelope of cash from each attendee (invited or not)? C’mon people!

Before I poke too much at this topic, I’ll try to end things on a positive note. Good friends come few and far. I’ve been fortunate enough to say I’ve been blessed many friends which I would consider life-long friends. Though I may bitch about petty things such as the timing of their weddings, I do love them all and appreciate each and every one of them, no matter how much shit they give me. I hope you do too.

There’s the ding for the initial decent, LA-LA land here I come.

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