Introducing New Blogger! “Up In The Air With Danny S.”

by cubiclejot on August 27, 2010

Introducing new blogger & good friend of mine Danny S. making his debut on Danny spends a lot of time on the plane traveling for work. The plane ride from city to city is also where he blogs so naturally we will put this in the category, “Up in the Air with Danny S.” Attached is his first blog entry in true Danny style, raw & unfiltered. Enjoy!

August 8, 2010 10:40PM, Flight 234

So who am I? How did I get to writing in this blog? And probably more importantly, what does “Living LAO’d” mean to me? I’ll try to keep this intro short as possible in order to save you from boredom and shooting yourself in the face.
Question number 1. I was born in Laos, but was raised here in the US from the age of one till now. My family has the “typical” story of fleeing the Vietnam War in search of a better life in a land far, far away. Though this story can be pretty inspiring stuff to others, its, well… a pretty typical story for first generation Laotian Americans. Family pays cash for someone to help smuggle them across into Thailand, family struggles in refugee camp, gets the lucky chance to come to America and here we are today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m damn proud of my parents for enduring and persevering through all of the challenges, but it’s a story that many of us have lived. I’ll get more into myself in subsequent blogs (assuming I make it past this one), but that’s a tidbit for context.

Question number 2. How else do great ideas usually start? One word, alcohol. And this isn’t the first time. A number of years ago, it was marathon (well half marathon, but who cares right?, it’s still a long f’n distance to run). A few friends in a bar, a few shots of Henny (so typical eh?), a challenge, and a couple months later running 13.1 miles in the winter of the Pacific Northwest (by the way, CubicleJOT (I’ll just refer to him as CJOT was one of the instigators of this). So no different here, as we’re putting back Coronas (so typical again, if not Coronas it would’ve been Heineken, ick I hate Heineken, but that’s for another time) on a picturesque summer day fishing a river, CJOT, asked me if I’d be interested in writing a blog for Hesitant at first, but whatever, the beers have me in a good mood so I’ll give it a shot.

Question number 3. So I see people like CJOT and many others working hard to promote the Laotian culture, keeping the values and traditions going in times when forgetting your roots can come pretty easy these days. Though I commend others for doing this, would I go out of my way to do so? Mehhh… probably not, well more like no. So then why am I here blogging about living Lao’d you ask? Well I’m going to f’n tell you right now. Though I had a pretty humble life in my early years, hard work, has indeed payed off. I’d like to think I have a fair bit of knowledge to share with those to come after me. I’m tired of seeing kids 5-10 years younger than me fcking up in search of things like hoops dreams, rapping careers or even becoming poker superstars. It’s great to aspire for great things, but have a freggin backup plan for God (Buddha?) sakes. Sure there was one point in my life that I wanted to play in the NBA or ATP tour, but having stopped growing in high school and peaking out at a towering 5’6 (okay, maybe 5’5 and half), things change, plans change. And I hate to say it, but I grew up. So that’s what I offer this blog, dropping bits of knowledge to try to help out the future of us Lao people and of course a little bantering Lao culture never hurt anyone.

Anyways, its past 11 now I’m on this redeye flight to Newark so time for shuteye. Blog #1 down, you’ll hear from me more should CJOT agree to post this. And… most likely it be on a plane ride just like this one tonight.

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cubiclejot August 27, 2010 at 7:31 am

Fresh new perspective! Dream big, live LAO’d and have a back up plan, I like it!…….hmm wait, whats my back up plan?! Panic!!!!!!!

JJ September 14, 2010 at 3:37 pm

I want more of “Up in the Air with Danny S”. On point. Hilarious.

Good to see you Grandpa and your leading lady this past weekend. 😉


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